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HBSA "1910" Open Short Range competition

2021 Booking is now CLOSED
  • Select the number of Prone Deliberate Matches @£10 (max. 4) you wish to enter - add to Cart
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Prone Deliberate Matches @ £10          Snaps or Rapids Matches @ £5                   Non-Member Registration @ £5

We have again booked firing points on Short Siberia 200 yards.  Because the narrower firing points, details will comprise two shooters and will last 25 minutes with a 5 minute change-over period, so no scope for dawdling!  We will again be using our excellent directly engaged, non-NRA, markers.

As ever, all the Matches comprise the Aggregate of three Stages, each of which can be entered separately. In Deliberate Matches only, Sighters are convertible. Slings (two-point or regulation “as issued” for that rifle) are allowed in all competitions. Multiple entries (same Match, different rifle) are allowed (in fact, strongly encouraged!). An orthoptic, shooting glasses, a NRA-approved shooting jacket and padded glove for the forward hand may be used.  Deliberate stages are squadded.  Rapids & Snaps may be squadded but more likely will use a queuing system on seats behind the firing point.

Competitors must produce a valid NRA Safety & Competence Certificate before they may shoot.

TARGETS.  Deliberate Stages: Round Bull for Vintage Service and Miniature, otherwise Tin-Hat.  These will be adapted from NRA TR 200 yard targets and as now used at the IHAM and Trafalgar Meeting: Aiming Mark 16”,  V-bull 3.5”, Bull 7”, Inner 16”, Magpie 24”, Outer 36”, Hit 46” x 46”.  For Rapid and Snap Stages, a figure target will be used (NRA DP1 or ARA Fig.11) with a 8 inch central vertical band scoring 5. Hits on the remainder of the figure score 3. Hits on the backing screen score 0..

RECORDS.  HBSA Members should record the firearms used on the Record Sheets in the HBSA Range Register: these sheets will be available on the Firing Point during the Meeting.

SAFETY.  Firearms must be cased when behind the firing point.  Breech flags must be used when moving onto and off the firing point.

ASSISTANCE.  The Meeting can only take place with the help of competitor Range Officers (some volunteers, some pressed men).  If you are willing to do a stint (a half or quarter day), please tick the box on the Entry Form.  The Match Organiser will contact you to discuss your preferences and what’s required.


·      “SNIDER”:  Vintage Large-Bore Service Rifles (pre-1900 pattern, cal. over 0.476”, blackpowder only). 

Stages:  (a) Prone, deliberate, 2s + 10, (b) Standing, deliberate, 2s +10, (c) Rapid, 2 deliberate sighters, then one exposure of 60 seconds, 10 shots, loading singly, prone, starting with the rifle loaded.

 ·      “MARTINI”: Vintage Small-Bore and Medium-Bore Service Rifles (pre-1900 pattern, cal. up to 0.476”, BP only).

Stages: as for “SNIDER” above.

 ·      “1910 SERVICE RIFLE”:  Classic Service Rifles (pre-1919). 

Stages: (a) Prone, deliberate, 2s +10, (b) Snaps, 2s + 10 exp. of 3sec, (c) Rapid, 2s + one exp. of 45sec, 10 shots, prone, starting with the rifle loaded with a maximum of five rounds.  NOTE: clip/charger can be used in Stages (b) and (c)

    “TERRITORIAL”: Classic Service Rifles (pre-1919). 

Stages: (a) Prone, deliberate, 2s +10, (b) Snaps, 2s + 10 exp. of 3sec, Stage (c) Double Snaps, 2s + 5exp. of 5sec, two shots per exp. (no Rapid stage).  BUT NOTE: clip/charger loading cannot be used.

·      “CHINDIT”: Veteran Service Rifles (1919-1945).

Stages: as for “1910” above (Prone Deliberate, Snap & Rapid).

 ·      “IMPERIAL”:  Cl. & Vet. Service Target Rifles (pre-1946, contemporaneous iron target sights allowed).    Stages: as for “1910” above (Prone Deliberate, Snap & Rapid).

 ·      “NO. 32”: Classic & Veteran Service Sniping Rifles (pre-1946, as issued pattern).

Stages: as for “TERRITORIAL” above (Prone Deliberate, Single & Double Snaps).

·       “LEE-SPEED”:  Vintage, Classic & Veteran Sporting Rifles (pre-1946) with any contemp. sights.

Stages: as for “TERRITORIAL” above (Prone Deliberate, Single & Double Snaps).                                                        

 ·      “CADET A”:  Classic & Veteran Miniature Bore Training & Converted Service Rifles (0.22”rf, .297”/.230”, .310” Cadet &c, service pattern sights only). 

Stages: as for “SNIDER” above (Prone & Standing Deliberate, Rapid).

 ·        “CADET B”:  Classic & Veteran Miniature Bore Rifles (contemporaneous sights (iron or optical) and single-point slings allowed).

Stages: as for “SNIDER” above (Prone & Standing Deliberate, Rapid).

PRIZES.  HBSA prize certificates can be claimed for each Stage and Aggregate.  


Email: rifle.practice@hbsa-uk.org