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HBSA Rook & Rabbit rifle competition

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Holland's Hammerless Rook Rifle
These Championship Meetings are intended for traditional British single shot Rook & Rabbit sporting rifles (and their foreign equivalents) from the 1865-1914 period.  They are held twice a year - spring in Bisley and autumn in Stourport.
  • Full-stocked military training rifles such as .310 Cadets and .22 WO Training rifles are welcome, and have their own categories
  • Early 0.22” R/F repeaters are also welcome within their own category (the "BSA"), and shoot an additional rapidfire stage
  • In Stourport, there are also categories for modern .22 Light Sport Rifles with open or optical sights (generally LSR)


Members of the HBSA, SSRPC (and Non-Members subject to available range space).


  • Each Rifle shall be a single-shot rifle weighing under 6¾ lbs, or a double rifle, and shall be chambered for a cartridge for which the Factory Loading Muzzle Energy is less than 450 ft.lbs. 
  • Sights shall be contemporaneous to the class of Rifle and may be iron or telescopic
  • A hooked butt-plate, palm-rest or ring (aperture) foresight shall not be used
  • Fixed ammunition only shall be used and must be loaded singly. For Vintage Rifles, the propellant must be 100% blackpowder
  • Orthoptic accessories, slings and padded gloves are not permitted, but at 50 yards the firer may sit or kneel on a groundsheet, padded mat or a small stool (equivalent to a straw bale) may be used
  • All Rifles shall be in Proof and appropriately licensed.
  • DISTANCES: 50 yards (Sitting, Kneeling or Standing) and 25 yards (Standing)Participants at an HBSA Rook & Rabbit Competition
  • TARGETS: HBSA 20yd Pistol, one Sighting Target and one Scoring Target at each distance


At each Distance, a five-minute Sighting Period, then ten rounds to count in seven minutes. Competitors will fire at 50 yards first, then at 25 yards

MATCH I:       The "Parkerifle" for Historical Rimfire Rifles (pre-1946) with contemporary sights.
MATCH II:      The "Hollands" for Vintage Breechloading Rifles (pre-1900, blackpowder only) contemporary sights.
MATCH III:     The "Greener" for Centrefire Classic Rifles (pre-1919) with contemporary sights.
MATCH IV:     The "War Office" for .22lr Military Training rifles like the 1906 WO Pattern.
MATCH V:      The "Cadet" for Centrefire full-stocked Training rifles such as the .310 Cadet.
MATCH VI:     The "BSA" for Historic .22LR Repeating Rifles, designed before 1960.
MATCH VII:    The "Manton" for Vintage Muzzleloading Rifles (pre-1900, blackpowder only) contemporary sights. 
MATCH X:       The "Fearn" for Historic breechloading double-barrelled Rook rifles only, using both barrels alternately.

Stourport only:

MATCH VIII:  The "Stourport" Any Rimfire Rifles with open sights (generally LSR).
MATCH IX:     The "Severn" Any Rimfire Rifles with optical sights (generally LSR).

PRIZES: Commemorative Certificates will be awarded for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place in each Match
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