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"Siege of Ladysmith" competition


Open to HBSA members and guests with FACs / SSCCs. 

Siege of Ladysmith competition
The aim is to evoke Boer War battle shooting, so the rifle must be a service rifle of a type that was actually used in that war. The date of manufacture can be later, provided it is of a 19th Century pattern. Sights must be “as issued” iron sights - target sights or optical sights are not permitted.

  1. Boer War Long rifles
  2. Boer War Carbines
  3. Other 19th Century rifles or carbines
The Practice period will start soon after 8:30 am, once the range has been rigged, and will last for approximately one hour: firers who arrive in time at the range will be given a period to practice, up to fifteen minutes, squadded two to a target, more than one rifle may be used within that period.


  • Ten rounds (five rounds snap-shooting, five rounds rapid)
  • All fired from the prone supported position
  • Bring a rest or sandbag
  • Those unable to shoot prone may, with the RCO’s permission, shoot from the kneeling, or sitting position (including from a chair)
  • Target will be NRA DP1c or ARA Fig12 (head & shoulders)
  • Hits within the 300mm circle will score 5 and on the remainder of the figure 2. 


1.  Snapshooting: the Range Conducting Officer will order the shooter “With a magazine of five rounds, Load. Reload with a further five rounds at will”. Shortly after the order “Watch and shoot, watch and shoot”, the target will be shown for 5 exposures of approx 3 seconds each, one shot to be fired at each exposure. The target will disappear for between five and ten seconds between exposures.

2. Rapid Firing: After a break of approx 20 seconds (during which time the firer will reload a further 5 rounds) the target will appear for one exposure of 30 seconds. The target will then be marked.

The position of hits will be shown by spotting discs and the scores written on the scoreboards attached to the target frame.