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Herts & Essex Field Firing Match

Field Firing match target and course of fire

The Herts & Essex Shooting Association Field Firing Match is an Open competition for any small-bore (including up to .310)  rifle, target, military trainer or sporting rifle. All shot “in class” so that you compete against similar; classic, veteran or modern rifles can be used. There are classes for open, target or optic sights, so you can expect to see a .22 SMLE next to a BRNO “bunny-basher”, Ruger 10/22 or Martini International.

The course of fire is based upon pre-WW2 military training musketry instruction, with shooting timed, prone, kneeling, standing (supported over a fire trench) and snaps. The targets are a variety of tin hat, lolly pop, and “dazzle” and can make for some quite challenging but thoroughly enjoyable shooting. Shooting is at 20 and 25 yards in an indoor range.

Course of fire:

10 shots prone, rapid fire within 2 mins at a ‘Tin Hat’ target

10 shots kneeling, rapid fire within 2 mins at a ‘Landscape’ target.

5 shots standing shot over a “Fire trench” parapet, Deliberate fire within 3 mins at a Fig.4A target

5 shots standing shot over a “Fire trench” parapet, Snap (5 second exposures at a ‘1931 Snap’ target.

Full details www.rifleman.org.uk – events page. Enquiries and entries  ffm@hesa.uk.com


Vintage: Any pre-1919 design with open sights, e.g. Martini-Henry/Metford/Enfield & late conversions of M-H, and

Classic: Rifles designed up to 1919 with aperture rear-sights and post front sights.

Veteran: e.g.: BSA 12/15, Enfield No.7’s, 8’s and 9’s up to 1946. Open or aperture rear-sights with post front sight.

Post Veteran: Any single shot rifle, or if shot single loading rifle,

Open: self-loading rifles with optic sights

Optic: Any rifle fitted with optic sights or using bi-pod support.

Self-loading/Semi-Auto: Any semi-auto with iron sights.

Sporting: Any magazine loading rifle

Herts & Essex Shooting Association, Gt Leighs, Essex (midway between Chelmsford and Braintree). 
Tony Cattermole,
24 Feb 2020, 03:35