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HBSA Long Range .22 Rimfire and Historic Miniature Rifle Competition

INTRODUCTION: An Open competition at 200yards and 300 for all ages of Rimfire and Historic Miniature rifles
Charts of 22RF long range ballistics are attached below
                                   Multiple entries with different rifles are encouraged

  • Competitors must produce an NRA Shooter Competency Certificate before they will be permitted to shoot
  • HBSA Rules 1995 apply.  However, orthoptic accessories, a padded glove and a sling may be used
  • All firearms must be appropriately licensed and be “in proof” for the ammunition to be used
  • In MRSB classes, a wrist rest may be used , but the butt of the rifle may not be rested nor touch the ground
  • In Historic classes, a stiff shooting jacket is permissible but must be worn unbuttoned
  • Firing position is prone or supine, but disabled competitors so registered with the NRA may use a table and chair or stool from which to shoot on the firing point
  • Details are limited to 40 minutes, and the time allowed for each shot will be 45 seconds (NRA Rule 351)
  • Multiple entries with different rifles (max. 2) are encouraged
  • Match or string shooting may be chosen by mutual consent
DISTANCES:  200 yards and 300 yards

TARGETS:  NRA/HBSA Historic 200 & 300 yard Round Bull or Tin Hat ( please choose when you book)


  • Before each detail commences, one minute will be allowed for blow-off (warming) shots into the stop butt
  • Up to THREE marked practice shots
  • TWO convertible sighters
  • FIFTEEN shots to count
  • HISTORIC MRSB:   Classic & Veteran Miniature Rimfire Rifles with ANY contemporaneous sights
  • HISTORIC TRSB:   Classic & Veteran Miniature Rimfire Rifles with IRON contemporaneous sights
                                     (no wrist rest permitted)
  • MRSB:                    Any 22RF rifle, any sights
  • TRSB:                    Any 22RF rifle, iron sights only (no wrist rest permitted)
  • SRSB:                    Classic & Veteran Miniature Bore Training & Converted Service Rifles
                                  (0.22”rf, .297”/.230”, .310” Cadet &c, service pattern sights only, no wrist rest permitted )
PRIZES: Commemorative Certificate for winner of each Class and for lower places dependent upon the number of entries.

GENERAL:  The Matches are squadded: competitors should report at the firing point ten minutes before your  shooting time. Those not firing in a Detail may be required to act as Range Officers.  Latecomers may not be able to shoot. 
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7 Dec 2016, 05:15