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Long Range 22 Rimfire competition

INTRODUCTION: An Open competition at 200yards and 300 for all ages of Rimfire Miniature rifles
Charts of 22RF long range ballistics are attached below
                                   Multiple entries with different rifles are encouraged

  • Competitors must produce an NRA Shooter Competency Certificate before they will be permitted to shoot
  • HBSA Rules 1995 apply.  However, orthoptic accessories, a padded glove and a sling may be used
  • All firearms must be appropriately licensed and be “in proof” for the ammunition to be used
  • In MRSB classes, a wrist rest may be used , but the butt of the rifle may not be rested nor touch the ground
  • In Historic classes, a stiff shooting jacket is permissible but must be worn unbuttoned
  • Firing position is prone or supine, but disabled competitors so registered with the NRA may use a table and chair or stool from which to shoot on the firing point
  • Details are limited to 40 minutes, and the time allowed for each shot will be 45 seconds (NRA Rule 351)
  • Multiple entries with different rifles (max. 2) are encouraged
  • Match or string shooting may be chosen by mutual consent
DISTANCES:  200 yards and 300 yards

TARGETS:  NRA/HBSA Historic 200 & 300 yard Round Bull or Tin Hat ( please choose when you book)


  • Before each detail commences, one minute will be allowed for blow-off (warming) shots into the stop butt
  • Up to THREE marked practice shots
  • TWO convertible sighters
  • TEN shots to count
  • HISTORIC MRSB:   Classic & Veteran Miniature Rimfire Rifles with ANY contemporaneous sights
  • HISTORIC TRSB:   Classic & Veteran Miniature Rimfire Rifles with IRON contemporaneous sights
                                     (no wrist rest permitted)
  • MRSB:             Any 22RF rifle, any sights
  • TRSB:             Any 22RF rifle, iron sights only (no wrist rest permitted)
PRIZES: Commemorative Certificate for winner of each Class and for lower places dependent upon the number of entries.

GENERAL:  The Matches are squadded: competitors should report at the firing point ten minutes before your  shooting time. Those not firing in a Detail may be required to act as Range Officers.  Latecomers may not be able to shoot. 
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7 Dec 2016, 05:15