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Vintage Rifle Long Range Open Championships


  • As HBSA Rules 1995.  However, orthoptic accessories and a padded glove may specifically be used in all Matches. 
  • The rifle and sights may not exceed 13lbs in weight as per World Long Range Historical Rifle Shooting Association Rules.  
  • The propellant must be 100% black­powder. 
  • When using a Match Rifle, a sling and/or a wrist­-rest may be used and wiping out between shots is permitted provided it does not delay the detail. 
  • With a Service Rifle, fixed ammunition only shall be used, wiping-out the barrel is not permitted: a sling (two-point or “as-issued”) may be used, but not a rest: sights may be adjusted laterally.  
  • Replica firearms are permitted only if in the "spirit of the original" (Rule G.3.1): documentary evidence will requested to justify apparently non-original features, such as non-traditional stock shapes. 
DISTANCES: 900 and 1000 yards.

COURSE OF FIRE:  At each distance, up to five ranging shots until the target is first hit; this hit constitutes the first of three convertible sighters.  Fifteen shots to count.  Information from the butts on the fall of shot may only be requested and shall only be given for ranging shots.

MATCH I:  The "Parker-Field" for Vintage Service Rifles (as issued, BP only).
MATCH II:  The "Mackenzie" for Vintage Match Rifles (blackpowder only).

PRIZES:  HBSA Medals for winner of each Match and for second & third places (depending upon the number of entries).  Shoot­ing Spoon for highest score at each dis­tance in each Match.
GENERAL:  Two details at each distance will be provided: 0845-1015 & 1045-1215 at 900 yards and 1345-1515 & 1530-1700 at 1000 yards. Competitors should report at the firing point for the 900 yard detail fifteen minutes before the detail is due to start.  Competitors will be squadded two or three to a target: those not firing in a Detail may be required to act as Range Officers.  Latecomers may miss their opportunity to shoot.  Prize-giving will be on the Range.