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17th Annual HBSA Rook and Rabbit competition

posted 11 Apr 2016, 08:42 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 11 Apr 2016, 08:42 ]
Attached are the final results for the Annual HBSA Rook and Rabbit competition. As is often the case we had some great weather during the day, although the light was almost too bright some of the time. We saw a few new competitors and some ‘new’ old rifles such as the Stevens falling block in .25-20 Single Shot (not .25-20 W.C.F.), a BSA Lee-Speed in .22rf, a BSA Ralock and a .22 Canadian Ross straight pull training rifle. Keep looking into those back cupboards for more rarities! Nice to see a couple of early 20th century civilian Martini rifles chambered in .310 Cadet, too.

Also as is often the case Paul Smith did rather well, and wins an unofficial prize for consistency with his scores whatever the calibre. Years of experience of shooting real Norfolk rabbits worked well for Chris McEvoy in the BSA Rapid fire class, whilst Linda Welsh cleaned up in the Holland class for black powder cartridges.

I must thank my tireless band of regular helpers, too: Mike and Linda Welsh plus John Woodward for scoring the shot cards, and the inimitable Mark Hodgins working away in the gloom typing it all into his clever spreadsheet.

A date for your diary is the weekend of 13th and 14th August, when I will be running a Historic Gallery Rifle event on the Winans Range at Bisley (the old pistol gallery). This has proved to be a good day out even though the distance is only 25 metres. No booking is required, just turn up! Sunday has proved to be quieter than Saturday.