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"1910" Competition report & results

posted 8 Jun 2015, 15:04 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 9 Jun 2015, 14:48 ]
Thank you for participating in this year’s competition; We trust you all enjoyed yourselves and were particularly impressed with the weather we had booked for the occasion.

Apologies that the marking was a bit off at times; only four of our five booked NRA markers showed up and one was clearly not up to the task, requiring Steve’s constant supervision along with manning the radio and timing/scoring the snaps and rapids. (A thank you to Michael Haselgrove who came down to the Butts mid-morning and took on ‘coaching’ this inadequate marker.)

The results are attached. Congratulations to Peter Bysshe for winning both the ‘Harry Eaton Memorial Trophy’ and the ‘HBSA 1910 Trophy’. We are unable as yet to award the ‘Alfred J Parker Trophy for Highest Placed SLRC Member’ as we don’t know whom that might be. If you are a SLRC member and want to claim it, please let Steve know.

We have followed previous years’ protocol in awarding certificates to highest score/first place in each stage for all competitions. For aggregate scores, first place only for competitions with up to five entrants, first and second places in those with up to ten entrants, and first, second, third thereafter. That said, we don’t actually have any certificates! If you would like to receive yours please let Steve know and he will try to find out from HBSA HQ where they can be had.

Hope to see you in the ‘1910’ next year,

Best wishes,
Steve Isherwood & Mike Townsend