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"1910" Short Range Championships - match report & results

posted 27 Jun 2018, 16:23 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 27 Jun 2018, 16:23 ]
The 1910 was shot on the 24 June in near perfect weather conditions. We had a reduced number of entrants this year so the competition was shot in the morning only.

The results may be viewed here >>>>

Unfortunately, the NRA had not put out the targets (or they had been used by another group) resulting in an hour delay at the beginning of the day.

We had 6 targets and 6 markers booked. Of the markers only 4 materialised leaving us short in the Butts. 
Apparently, in the NRA terms and conditions they do not guarantee the markers. Thanks to Mike Townsends efforts in the butts assisted by Terry Hoskins and John Butler we were able to complete the course of fire. We will be looking at using private markers in the future but again they are subject to supply problems.

Tony Cattermole ran the snaps and rapids with his usual efficiency, assisted by Terry when not in the butts.

I ran the prone and standing deliberate with the aid of Sarah my wife. Despite the delay we got through most of it.

I have asked the NRA that we do not pay for all of the targets as recompense for the marker shortage and delay.

Many thanks to Tony Cattermole, Mike Townsend, Terry Hoskins, John Butler and Sarah for their help, without which these competitions could not take place.

David Carroll
Rifle Practice