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2014 Historic Machine Gun Shoot - Friday 26 September

posted 22 Sept 2014, 05:46 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 22 Sept 2014, 05:48 ]
Members are reminded that on the afternoon of Friday September 26th 2014, at 13.30, on Butt Zero, Stickledown Range, Bisley we are holding our second Historic Machine Gun shoot.

The Machine Guns being shot, representing some of those used in 1914, will be:-
  • Vickers water cooled .303
  • Russian Maxim 7.62 x 54 on Sokolov sled mount
  • Lewis Gun .303
  • Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) .30 06
  • Chauchat 8mm Lebel.

We also hope to have a Maxim MG '08  water cooled 7.92 x 57.

We will also be demonstrating :-
  • The Chandler trench periscope SMLE rifle adaptation
There will be a complementary static display of firearms on the range.

We are also pleased to have a Matchless motor cycle and Vickers sidecar at the display.

The demonstration is for HBSA members who may also bring a limited number of guests by prior arrangement with the Secretary, Chris Smith, or the Chairman, Derek Stimpson.

Do not miss this centenary commemoration event.