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Antique Firearms Regulations 2021 - update 25June21

posted 25 Jun 2021, 10:50 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 25 Jun 2021, 10:50 ]
We have been in touch with the Home Office following the Statutory Instrument coming into force and brought to their attention that a category of cartridges for vintage shotguns, punt guns and rifles mentioned in the “Guide” itself, was inadvertently omitted from the Regulations. 

The following is their response regarding amending the omission. They also make reference to updating the non statutory guidance (long overdue). We expect to see some helpful information added, including reference to alternative descriptions for certain cartridges.

As mentioned, please remember that the transition period ends on 21st September.

As a matter of interest, we also note that benefit is being taken by collectors from the 23 cartridges added to the obsolete list. 

Best wishes

Derek Stimpson

Antique Firearms Regulations 2021

Although the Schedule to the Regulations correctly includes specific standard cartridges for these firearms (as set out in para 8.9(e) of the Home Office guidance), it does not include the phrase “with bores greater than 10”, which would catch any non-standard or customised cartridges.
There were no issues identified with these types of cartridge and their associated firearms during the 2017 public consultation and it was always intended to include them in the Regulations as qualifying for the exemption from licensing as antique firearms. 
We shall therefore be amending the Regulations to correct this omission, so that owners of the firearms affected will not have to license them before the end of the current transition period on 22 September 2021.  Unfortunately, it won’t be possible to do so before the Autumn, and that will mean there will be a short gap of a couple of months between the end of the transition period on 22 September and the amendment coming into force.  We are looking to bridge this gap by extending the transition period in respect of the affected firearms (ie, vintage rifles, punt guns and shotguns with bores greater than 10) which should avoid the need for unnecessary applications for certificates.  
We are in touch with ACC Dave Orford about this issue and have asked him to bring it to the attention of police forces.  We have suggested that should any police force receive an application in respect of the affected firearms, they just hold onto it until the amendment has come into force, at which point it can be cancelled and the applicant informed.  This should avoid unnecessary work and expense.  
While we are having to amend the Regulations we will also take the opportunity to make some minor, typographical corrections to some of the cartridge descriptions in the Schedule. 
We hope the above is useful and will help you field any queries from your members.  Please feel free to share with other organisations that you think should be made aware.   
We are presently updating the non-statutory Home Office guidance, which will set out the new legislation on antique firearms and we will also look to include some additional helpful information in respect of the 2021 Regulations.
We shall be in touch in the next few weeks about doing some further comms work aimed at owners of firearms that ceased to be antique following the 2021 Regulations.  We think it would be helpful to put out a reminder that they have only until 21 September in which to licence or otherwise dispose of such firearms.  We shall put something to this effect on gov.uk and it would be helpful if the various shooting/collecting/museum organisations could do something similar on their websites, newsletters etc (as they kindly did at the beginning of the transition period in March) to spread the word as widely as possible. "