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Arms Fair 5th 6th July @ Bisley

posted 30 Jun 2014, 03:05 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 30 Jun 2014, 03:05 ]
The annual HBSA run Arms Fair at Bisley on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th July in the Umbrella Tent (on the Exhibition Lawn, opposite the Pavilion and next door to the RA building).

Entry is free and open to all, not just HBSA members or IHAM competitors.

If you want to stock-up in your library, Jim Reading is having a clear out with some extremely useful titles and much reduced prices. If you have particular interests, then give him a call on 0121 550 6641.

Others attending (this is far from a full list) are:

  • Norman Clarke – with re-loading kit (and excellent advice)
  • ITL shooting
  • Keith Bayliss with a selection of classic air rifles and pistols
  • Seth Ellett for Enfields
  • BES Bullets with their range of classic bullets, including some otherwise difficult to find bullets
  • Alan Whiffin for modern and original muzzle-loaders (also very good for advice)

Others include

  • Greenjacket Antiques
  • Brian Moore (rook and rabbit rifles)
  • newcomer to IHAM Chris Aris (USA and western arms)
  • David Scheeres (Pembroke Fine Arms) for lots of antique and S.58 items.

With the other dealers there, I would expect that we will have a pretty wide range of classic rifles and Section 7 pistols on offer.

The Arms Fair was originally set-up as a support for the Imperial Historic Arms Meeting weekend but has now taken on a life of its own. It fills-in the long summer when there is little other opportunity to pick-up bargains or stock-up on powders, bullets etc.

Chris Smith

HBSA Hon Sec.