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BSRC Open Historics Match Sunday March 6th 2016

posted 17 Jan 2016, 11:58 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 21 Jan 2016, 01:49 ]
As usual HBSA members are welcome at the BSRC Open Historics Match (full match details and courses of fire are in the attached document).

The annual Open Historics Match will be held on Sunday 6th March and will follow the same format as previous years. It is open to non BSRC members who do not need to be specifically invited on this occasion.

Adrian & others offer a selection of suitable loan rifles .22RF, 7x57 & .303 available, with factory ammunition at cost (10 or 12 rounds needed), but please return the empties!

The dateline for eligibility of any rifle/calibre/sight combination is 6th February 1952. In other words, if, hostilities permitting, you could go to a gunsmith prior to that date & order a rifle in that calibre & with that action & sights, it will be eligible even if your example was made more recently. We will not be over scrupulous in trying to date telescopic sights, but participants are asked to respect the ‘spirit of the original’. All iron sights will be deemed eligible .577 maximum calibre in all cases.

The Course of fire will be 10 rounds in each case, with 2 non-convertible sighters on the Running Deer & Running Boar.

Tony Cattermole,
21 Jan 2016, 01:44