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Changes to applications for shooting club authorities

posted 10 Jun 2018, 13:10 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 10 Jun 2018, 13:10 ]
Members should read the following message from the Home Office and pass along to Club secretaries and officers.

HBSA in co-ordination with BSSC is pursuing the issue of renewal or application “not on line” as well as renewal reminders .

We will report when we have further news.


Following the successful pilot project for online shooting clubs, we are now only accepting applications made via the web portal, at the link below, from Monday 11 June. This applies to all clubs (new and existing customers) in England and Wales. Applications will only be accepted by the Home Office, and should no longer be sent to the police directly.

Once your application has been submitted, we will review it to determine if it is valid and, if so, pass it to the relevant police force, who will then make necessary enquiries before sending the application to us for consideration. If you do not provide sufficient information and supporting evidence, your application is likely to be rejected as invalid and will need to be resubmitted.

Before applying you must ensure that you fulfil the criteria as set out in the Home Office Clubs’ Criteria leaflet. Renewals presently cost £84 and are valid for 6 years. You should apply to renew your approval at least 3 months before it’s due to expire.

You can apply here

For information about the ways in which the Home Office may use your personal information, including the purposes for which we use it, the legal basis, and who we share your information with can be found at

If you have any questions you can reach us at

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Or you can contact the Home Office by telephone on: 020 7035 4848