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Current Police initiatives & campaigns

posted 31 Oct 2014, 11:57 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 31 Oct 2014, 11:57 ]
Most members will be aware of these, and also the current press reporting.

With regard to the unannounced visits and crimestoppers campaigns as I am sure you are aware, these are provoked by recent events and potential terrorist threat, and driven from the top.

In our earlier communication of 14th October we referred to the security issue. The unannounced visits campaign is, in effect, a reminder to all firearms and shotgun certificate holders to maintain and apply their security arrangements.There is no change in police powers or right of entry. We take this opportunity, as have many other clubs and associations, to remind members of the security requirements and to keep all the items on their certificates locked in their cabinets, or other security arrangements, when not in use. Indeed many also keep their antiques locked away - not least because of their value. If you do receive a visit please ensure proper ID is shown, and request the reason for the visit, preferably in writing. If not convenient at the time, say so, and suggest another time, when it is convenient.

The Crimestoppers campaign had a very soft launch, perhaps due to much correspondence from various shooting organisations, including HBSA. Different police areas seem to have different approaches. Some have announced amnesties. As this situation evolves we will continue to monitor events with the Home Office, Police and other bodies, to ensure that our interests and heritage are protected as well as is possible. We will keep you informed as appropriate.

Please remember that views posted on the forum should be carefully expressed with a view to maintaining HBSA's excellent reputation. Please also feel free to email or call me directly if you have a question or something specific you wish to communicate or report, which some members have already done.

Thanks and regards

Derek Stimpson