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EU draft Directive

posted 14 Dec 2015, 06:34 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 17 Dec 2015, 03:39 ]
Members will be well aware of the above and the controversy surrounding it.

Please be reassured that HBSA are most active in this respect. David Penn’s legislative reports will keep members updated - please see the latest in this issue of Report. We will also keep the website updated with news.

On Tuesday 8th December I attended, for HBSA, a stakeholders meeting with the Home Office, also attended by David Penn for BSSC, Chris Smith for HASG and Andrew Claxton as NTSA (Target Shotgun). BASC, NRA, NSRA, Royal Armouries, DWA and many other organisations were present.

This is part of an information gathering process and will continue throughout December and January. At the time of writing the Directive is expected to go to the European Parliament in early February 2016.

The commentaries following the IMCO Commission meeting on Monday 7th December proved most interesting, as you may have read. We lobbied MEPs who were present at the meeting and who spoke up against the draft. Please see the note sent to MEPs below.

We are also liaising with FESAC and FACE, both through BSSC, and direct. It is essential that across Europe the shooting and collecting communities are co-ordinated.

There is a strong groundswell of support for fighting terrorism, but an equally strong feeling that the proposals will only impose unnecessary burdens on the shooting and collecting community in many ways, without any effect on terrorism.

If votes are required, or there are petitions to be signed, we shall post the appropriate links on the website.

Please register your own support by signing the current petition “you cannot stop terrorism by restricting legal gun ownership” if you have not already.  The link is included below:


Derek Stimpson
Tony Cattermole,
17 Dec 2015, 03:39