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EU Firearms Directive Articles - FESAC efforts funded by Firearms United

posted 12 Jul 2016, 06:08 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 12 Jul 2016, 06:23 ]
Members will be aware of the ongoing struggle with this piece of much faulted proposed legislation.

The upcoming IMCO vote on the 13th July will be most important and Stephen Petroni, supported by a colleague will be lobbying in Brussels.

Below is Stephen’s note to FESAC members. The support from Firearms United is notable and members may wish to consider contributing to their funds. They can be found at firearms-united.com

Also attached is a pdf of some relevant articles in the Parliament Magazine. As most will be aware Vicky Ford is Chairman of the IMCO committee as well as Rapporteur, and has been most supportive in dealing with correcting the drafting as well as potential unintended consequences and lack of proportionality and stakeholder consultation. It was at her invitation that I went to Brussels earlier in the year.

We will advise further when there are clear details to report.

Derek Stimpson

Dear colleagues,

The next three days will be very hectic. I leave for Brussels tomorrow morning and I will stay there until the IMCO vote on Wednesday. In these days I will try to meet as many MEPs as possible to ask them to vote for the amendments which are most advantageous to us and other legal firearm owners.

The trip is completely funded from the money collected by Firearms United, saving us a considerable amount of money.

I take the opportunity to attach a pdf copy of the relevant pages in the Parliament Magazine which will be distributed in Brussels tomorrow. It could not have turned out better: first a very well written piece by Vicky Ford, followed by my “thought leader”, a hard-hitting article by David Schiller, the opinion of EFDD MEP Robert Jaroslaw Iwaszkiewicz and to conclude two adverts by FACE and AECAC.

Keep your fingers crossed….
Stephen Petroni - FESAC
Tony Cattermole,
12 Jul 2016, 06:11