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FAC "Collecting" condition

posted 7 Dec 2016, 08:41 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 7 Dec 2016, 08:42 ]
Members are reminded that if they have a collection of Section 1 firearms (or seek to establish one) then these may be identified on their FAC. You will need to explain your theme or proposed theme to the police.

A typical collecting condition might read:- “The firearms which are identified by an asterisk (*) on this certificate must be possessed, purchased or acquired by the holder of the certificate only for the purpose of its being kept or exhibited as part of a collection and may be fired occasionally (or it may say “not to be fired" if that is your wish)”. Section 7 firearms are automatically treated as a collection and marked on the FAC by an asterisk or hatch mark.

There is reference to collecting in the Guide on Firearms Licensing Law in various places, notably, Chapter 8: Antique Firearms, Chapter 13: Good reason to possess a firearm, and Appendix 3: Conditions for firearm certificates.

Once again if you have questions or concerns we are here to help

Derek Stimpson