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FAC/SGC Renewals during the CV crisis

posted 3 Apr 2020, 10:56 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 3 Apr 2020, 10:56 ]
FAC/SGC Renewals

As I have reported, we and BSSC have had meetings with the Home Office, the Minister ( Dept of Health was at one of the meetings) and further meetings are in hand. We are in touch with police at top level to try and secure agreement for submission of applications with medical verification to follow later providing that it has been diligently requested in good time.

We must be absolutely clear that the GP is not responsible in giving information to the police. The decision to issue or to refuse rests solely with the police.

The GPs contract with NHS does not cover this process and so they will, in most cases, charge a fee, which has not been officially fixed.

There are various differing situations with different police forces, some following 2016 guidance and some looking for a medical evidence form with the application. The CV crisis has clearly created pressures that were unforeseen and are unprecedented.

Having said that, we are receiving confirmations from some FLDs, that the best way forward is to comply with your police forces' request regarding your renewal application as best as possible, and be able to demonstrate that you have done so, or tried to do so, in good time. That is, if your GP cannot assist in completing the FLD form for any reason (very likely during the CV crisis), submit the GPs response/declinature to police along with your renewal application. Your FLD should then accept your application during this crisis period and some may issue your renewal with a condition that medical evidence must be produced within 6 months.

As an alternative, perhaps preferable, you may submit the GP declinature and your application together with a completed Medcert form, which is acceptable to most, if not all, FLDs, and your renewal should be processed normally.

Medcert appears to work well and is helpful. However they do suggest that you should approach your GP first and if they cannot assist then go to Medcert. Their website is www.medcert.co.uk and email = info@medcert,co,uk ; tel 020 8063 4503. They charge a flat fee of £50.

If members have specific difficulties taking into account the above they are welcome to call or email me.

Derek Stimpson