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FESAC AGM on Saturday 2nd June 2018

posted 16 Jun 2018, 15:24 by Tony Cattermole
At the beginning of June I went to Jersey to attend the FESAC AGM on Saturday 2nd June.

David Acon gave an introduction and a short history of the island before introducing chairman Stephen Petroni who made his address. The usual business of the meeting followed with introduction of the new attendees, minutes, and the officers Annual Reports.

This was followed by the Country reports, previously submitted, to which attendees added some remarks. For the UK I updated the situation regarding antiques, the NABIS conference and the social media issue that we had looked at with BSSC, and which was also discussed as an issue for all.

The agenda as usual also covered the current EU issues, and especially as the last Firearms Directive is adopted into Law in the various member States.

Much of this relates to magazines and deactivation standards. Pressures on the firearms community are evident everywhere.

FESACs role was reviewed and we looked at preparation for the next “assault”.

The UK country report which I presented is posted on our website below and I have requested a link to the other country reports which will follow as and when available.

FESAC Members were requested to update their website pages which is now in hand.

The relationship with Firearms United was reviewed. We remain in contact but this is currently less following the introduction of EU Directive.

The Roadmap for the next 12 months was established.

A major discussion topic is the structure of FESAC which carried forward from last year. The organisation is a Foundation which has country representatives - one country one vote. There was some consideration of a change to Federation which would mean individual Associations and one vote per Association. Whilst appearing more democratic it may in fact be less so - for example a small country with various associations in disagreement and a large country with one only. It was agreed that the Chairman will put down some ideas for consideration by the board.

More news on this to follow.
Tony Cattermole,
16 Jun 2018, 15:24