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Fixed Bayonet / No Bayonet 2018 Match Report

posted 17 May 2018, 04:53 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 17 May 2018, 04:59 ]
I’ve just finished cleaning four rifles shot this morning in the HBSA annual Fixed Bayonet/No Bayonet shoot. Aside from the tremendous fun and exhilaration of it (two shot, standing followed by two shots kneeling followed by two shots prone all in 45 seconds for magazine rifles, 60 seconds for single shot rifles), the range of rifles used was staggering – Snider, sporting and military Martinis, Mauser (71, 96 and 98’s), Arisaka, Lebel, MAS36 as well as Enfields (long and short), Springfield and P14/17’s. The spread was better than many museums’ displays!

It struck me that the effect of a bayonet fixed to the end of a rifle made a tremendous difference to the feel and balance of the rifle and to the placement of the shot. This is something I suspect very few of us have considered in shooting and demonstrates the need for HBSA Bayonet shoots to give us a chance to view our rifles in the context for which they were designed.

For no good reason, I’ve not shot this event for a couple of years, but I’ll make sure that I do so next year. I’d encourage others to give it a try as well – it is so very different from the normal style of target shooting. A splendid morning well run by David Carroll and Bruce Ellis.