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posted 4 Jan 2015, 13:41 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 4 Jan 2015, 13:42 ]
SATURDAY 28th FEBRUARY 2015 (08:30 to 12:30)


The programme is unchanged from the last five years, with Fixed Bayonet and No Bayonet competitions, for six different classes to allow a very wide variety of historical rifles to be used. You must have a valid NRA Safety & Competence Certificate: you will be asked to produce it before being allowed to shoot.


No sighters or practice shots may be taken on the day of the Competition prior to shooting the Competition.

One exposure at 100 yards of a Figure 11 or near substitute such as a DP11 of 45 seconds for a magazine rifle or 60 seconds for a single shot rifle.

Starting from the Standing Alert position, with the rifle loaded and “Ready”, two shots will be fired from the Standing Position, two shots from the Kneeling Position and then two shots from the Prone Unsupported Position. The CHAMBER of the rifle must NOT contain a LIVE ROUND while moving between positions. A sling may be fitted to the rifle, but may not be used to assist in holding the rifle.

At the end of the exposure, the target will be lowered, scored and then raised to display the fall of shot. Scores will either be displayed on a panel on the target or passed by the butts to the firing point by radio.


For the Fixed Bayonet Competition:

I. Vintage Service Rifle fitted with removable socket or sword bayonet (not integral rod or folding bayonet),

II. Classic Service Rifle fitted with removable socket or sword bayonet (not integral rod or folding bayonet),

III. Veteran Service Rifle fitted with removable socket or sword bayonet (not integral rod or folding bayonet).

For the No Bayonet Competition:

IV. Any Vintage (BP) Rifle,

V. Any Classic or Veteran Centre-Fire Rifle,

VI. Any Historical Miniature Rifle (0.22"rf, 0.310" Cadet, 0.297"/0.250" Rook &c).

Multiple entries (same firer with different rifles and same rifle with different firers) are strongly encouraged. Subject to range space and time, the same rifle can be shot by the same firer again, but only the first score will count.


For first four entries: £15.00. Additional entries available on demand if range space is available. Please bring exact money (£5 & £10 notes). Entry to be made on the day.


On arrival on the Range, sign in, produce your valid NRA S&C Certificate, pay for your entries and collect your Score Cards.

Fill in the each Card with:
  • your name,
  • full rifle details- ignore serial number unless using two otherwise similar rifles, and
  • indicate which Competition you are entering and whether you require a 45 sec or a 60 sec exposure.

Take a seat behind the Firing Point and wait to be called forward to shoot.

Rifles should be cased unless on the firing point or on one of the seats waiting to shoot (rifles should then have a breech flag in place).


The ATSC will be warned to expect us for lunch. If you want lunch, please indicate accordingly when signing in so that likely numbers can be passed to ATSC chef (Taff) at mid-morning.

Mark Hodgins, Match Organiser
Tony Cattermole,
4 Jan 2015, 13:42