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HBSA 1910 Short Range Championship

posted 30 Jun 2019, 15:04 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 30 Jun 2019, 15:06 ]
The annual 1910 competition was shot today (30/06/19). Luckily the blistering heat of Saturday was tempered by a light breeze and some cloud making it pleasant day for shooting.
Unusually the target shed had put out the correct targets, this made a pleasant change. Why they have so much trouble with the historic targets I do not know
The competitor number this year was reduced, we had 9 shooters (14 last year). This meant that there was only one competitor in some classes. It may be that if we continue to run this shoot it might be better to adopt a simplified form with fewer classes of rifle. The current format is complicated to administer and has to be entered by post not online.
I hope a pleasant shoot was had by all.