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HBSA Christmas Wappenschaw Competition and Lunch - Sun 15TH December 2019

posted 16 Dec 2019, 15:26 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 16 Dec 2019, 15:44 ]
Our annual Christmas shoot was held at 200 yards on Short Siberia range. As successfully tried out last year, it was again a 10 round 'Smallest Group' competition, but this time we had a separate zeroing target to enable everyone to be 'on target' when shooting for effect. 

Luckily, we experienced a hole in the awful wet weather of the past weeks and shot in clear sunny conditions with a gentle breeze. 24 entrants shot a wide variety of 'Historic' rifles in 4 Classes, sadly there was only one Large Bore BP rifle in use.

Congratulations to all the Class winners, in particular Ross Stenner, Ian Thomas and Tony Cattermole with their excellent groups with 'Iron Sights' and to all those who competed and also helped out on the firing point, in the butts and with the stats. See the results here >>>>

Our traditional 'Steak and Kidney Pie' lunch was held at the ATSC attended by 26 shooters and some Sect 7 members who were attending an afternoon lecture on revolvers.

Next year's Wappenschaw is booked for Sunday 6th December – mark your 2020 calendars now !

Mike Townsend

PS.   I don't issue HBSA Prize Certificates - have look at  the Website - it explains how to obtain one.