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HBSA Historic Miniature Rifle Meeting

posted 12 Aug 2014, 13:58 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 14 Aug 2014, 12:30 ]
Last weekend 9th & 10th August there was a double re-inauguration featuring a Historic Rifle Meeting and the famous Edwardian Pistol Gallery Range. The HBSA held their first open Classic and Historic Miniature Rifle Meeting (replacing the old SMRC meeting which was part of HARC) on the Winans Range which had been spruced up for the occasion. Winans Range is the old pistol gallery, or revolver range, in the heart of the camp, built in 1906, and now named for Walter Winans the famous revolver and running deer shot - seen on the right in the photograph, courtesy of the NRA Museum).

Some 50 entrants shot around 175 competitions. The event is intended to provide competitions for historic and classic, single shot, Rook, and Gallery rifles (including pump, lever, self loading and other actions), both target, military trainer, and sporting. These are for lower-powered rifles (up to 2000 fps and 1200 ft.lbs energy - typically .22RF, but including .300 Rook, .360 and .380 Rook and many others) shot at 25 yards distance and competing in the “Spirit of the Original”. From the photographs you will get a sense of the wide range of classic and collectible rifles in use.

The weekend was a great success and is set to become a fixture in the NRA calendar for the second weekend in August.

Video courtesy of the NRA

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