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HBSA Journal archives

posted 30 Oct 2015, 14:15 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 31 Oct 2015, 00:33 ]
The back copies of our Journals are a vast repository of knowledge and information, and your Council have been keen to make that knowledge more widely available. The motivation is not entirely altruistic, since by publicising our Journals, we also raise the profile of our association.

All of our Journal backcopies have been digitised, and are available for purchase as a digital download.

Of more immediate benefit to our members, we have created very copious contents summaries and some abstracts in a much expanded Journal section of our website. By using the Search box, it should now be much easier to identify articles of relevance to individual member's special interests.

This resource would be greatly enhanced by the addition of abstracts for all of the editions. Writing these would be quite a considerable task for one person, but if thirty members were each to 'adopt' one edition to read and then write short summaries of each article, we could quickly get the job done. An ideal task for winter evenings?  Volunteers please contact Tony at treasurer@hbsa-uk.org