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HBSA McQueen Sniper Rifle Competition on Short Siberia Bisley, Saturday 15th May 2016

posted 15 May 2016, 10:49 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 15 May 2016, 10:50 ]
Dear Competitors

Thank you for competing in this our 4th event for Historic Sniper and Service rifles. Without your support these events would not take place.

We were once again lucky with the weather; the morning was cool to start with and then turned warm with bright sunshine.

This year’s event once more proved to be challenge: as you are all aware the NRA changed our booking to 100yds (maybe Metric yards) from the standard 200yds. We took the decision to run the event rather than cancel, for some time this looked like it would fail due to a poor take up from the members. However following a last minute appeal we ended up with 15 entrants, this unexpected level of entry meant that we had to close the match and make some minor modifications on the day to accommodate everyone.

In total we had 15 individual shooters who managed to complete 43 match entries (29x10 shot series,14x7 shot series). That is 4 more individuals than last year plus 10 more match cards.

The course of fire was the standard McQueen using a modified Huns Head and Castle (10x3 second exposures at random intervals above and behind cover). This we modified to (7x3 second exposures at random intervals above and behind cover) for the 3 match card as range time was at a premium.

The results are shown here >>>>, if you spot any deliberate errors please let me know.

HBSA prize certificates will be prepared and sent out ASAP. (Please be patient as I am about to go on holiday)

I would very much like to thank all those who attended for their support and in particular: Maurice Kanareck & Chris Reid for their assistance as Range Conducting Officers.

And special thanks to Griff Elliot for travelling from the North East, a 6 hour trip in the car to support this event.

After the match 10 members retired to the Army Club for lunch, there then followed an informal discussion regarding this event and what we should do next year. The questions of range distance and match fees were discussed. The consensus of opinion was that we should return to 200yds. The match fee will be increased to £20 for 3 match cards. Initial entry will be restricted to 13 on a first come first served basis. This is based on the maximum we can accommodate on a Castle and the cost involved with target hire etc. If this event attracted many more entrants we could of course hire 2 castles.

To attract interest from members wishing to shoot Iron Sights (not everyone can afford a Sniper Rifle) we will in future use a Fig 12c, head & shoulders which will be held above cover only, it was felt that this would improve target acquisition.

I hope everyone had a good day and that we see you all next year.

Best Regards
Paul Smith