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HBSA Rook & Rabbit matches 2017

posted 12 Apr 2017, 12:33 by Tony Cattermole
Attached>> is a spreadsheet showing the results from last Sunday’s event. It seems as though we all had a good day, and the excellent weather certainly helped! There were lots of familiar faces, and three or four new ones as well. People seemed to like the one detail for pre-1953 repeating rifles, and so I will repeat this next year, for up to nine shooters – first come, first served!
There should be some sort of event at Bisley on 12th and 13th August on the 25 yard/ metre Winans range that will suit older Rook-type rifles. As the range is being totally rebuilt courses of fire will be decided on much nearer the time. Last year the Sunday was quieter than Saturday. Watch the HBSA website for further details. I have no idea how many firing points will be available. As before, there is no pre-entry, just turn up on the day with plenty of ammunition.
Safe shooting!
Allan Kirk