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HBSA Wappenschaw Competition and Christmas Lunch - Sun 11 Dec 2016

posted 15 Dec 2016, 14:50 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 24 Dec 2016, 10:05 ]
34 members took part in this popular meeting which was shot at 300 yards on Century range Bisley in bright sunshine and a light but chilly wind. The new 'on range' car park is a blessing, but it does rather encroach on the firing point, leaving very little room for spectators and storage of shooters' kit and rifles.

This year, we used the new NRA / HBSA Historic targets in both Round Bull and Tin Hat format, with many of our members shooting on them for the first time. We had 6 targets and used Jim Stevens' excellent markers so that the action was almost continuous all morning.

The shoot was followed by the traditional Christmas dinner at the ATSC with 35 members and some guests enjoying the usual Steak and Kidney pie and plum pudding. A collection was taken to mark the departure of Taff, the ATSC chef, but he should be available to continue this annual event at another location on Bisley Camp in the years to come.

Wappenschaw Results

Military Service rifles (nominal .30 Cal with issue sights)

1. Bruce Ellis .303 Fazakerley No 4                 48.4v
2. Steve Isherwood .30-'06 BMR M1 Garand  45.4v
3. Jon Clark .303 Enfield SMLE                          44.2v

Military & Target rifles – (Target sights)

1. John Fennell .303 BSA SMLE                          49.6v
2. Michael Haselgrove .303 BSA Lee Speed  49.5v
3. Ross Stenner 7.62 Winchester P14/17         48.5v

Any rifle - Optical sights

1. Bruce Ellis 6.5 x 55 Carl Gustav M41B        50.7v
2. Nancy Sherens 7.62 Remington M14          50.6v
3. David Hamilton .223 SGC Speedmaster     47.3v

Large bore and B.P rifles
– No entries

There are too many scores to print them all here, but if any member wishes to know their individual score, please view them on the HBSA website here >>>>

Mike Townsend