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posted 15 Oct 2018, 12:28 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 15 Oct 2018, 12:28 ]
Our annual Wappenschaw will be held at 200 yards on Sun 9th December on Short Siberia range Bisley from 0830 to 1230 hrs and will be followed by the Christmas Lunch.

This year, the shoot will be a 'smallest group' competition, with a single course of fire for all classes of rifle – no sighters, followed by 10 shots prone deliberate on a 200 yard NRA Round Bull target. Groups will be measured with a centimetric gauge and the dimensions radioed to the Firing Point. Please ensure that your rifles are zeroed to 200 yards with wind 'central'.

As we are a Historic Association, competitors may only enter in the following classes :-

1. Military iron sighted rifles (as issued)
2. Military and Transitional TR rifles with 'Target sights' (Not telescopic)
3. Large bore rifles (incl. Black Powder)
4. Any 'Historical' rifle with contemporary optical sights - (no HMEs, .22rf or modern HV 'black plastic' rifles may be entered).

Slings, rests or sandbags may be used in all rifle classes and disabled competitors may shoot seated from a bench.

Members may invite guests to both the shoot and lunch, but those wishing to shoot MUST be in possession of a valid FAC and Certificate of Competency for the rifle class entered.

Lunch will be in the Members dining room at the London Middlesex Rifle Association, with the bar opening at 1200 hrs beforehand.

All entries are strictly 'online', so please visit the HBSA website – Competitions – Wappenschaw 2018 and round off the shooting year with something different and lunch with like- minded company.

Mike Townsend
Wappenschaw 2018 Organiser