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HBSA Wappenschaw Competition – Sun Dec 7th 2014

posted 12 Dec 2014, 04:36 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 12 Dec 2014, 04:37 ]
This popular and informal event, organised by Tim Castle, was held on Short Siberia range at 200 yards and was attended by 23 members and 2 guests.

To simplify scoring and speed up shooting, a hit anywhere in the scoring area was only worth one point, but a (lucky) hit on the central white patch which was only 1.5 inches square, was worth 5 points ! This was intended to remove most of the element of skill from the competitions.

Most entrants managed to shoot at least twice, with a wide variety of historic and some modern rifles. Inevitably, it was the latter which achieved the higher scores, but there were some plucky efforts from the historics too.  Results here >>>>

A delicious lunch was taken by 20 members afterwards at the Artists’ Rifles Clubhouse.

Thanks also go to Maurice Kanareck and John Butler for their help on the firing point.

Mike Townsend