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Historical McQueen Championship - Sunday 30th April 2017 (am only)

posted 17 Mar 2017, 16:56 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 17 Mar 2017, 16:56 ]
Open Meeting @ 200 Yards

Classes for
  • Classic
  • Veteran
  • Post Veteran (first generation 7.62mm)
  • Service & Sporting Rifles
This is the fifth year that the HBSA has held this event, the course of fire and targets may have to be modified on the day but generally will be as follows:-
  1. A dedicated sighting target has been booked, hopefully a standard frame with a DP14 centre
  2. A DP14 target will be utilized for all matches if possible (to be confirmed on the day)
  3. For the open sighted matches a decision on the day will confirm the type of target to be used
Please remember that this match like all others is run by volunteers so we would ask for your understanding and assistance.

David Carroll is the Match organizer - contact details are below.

This event is intended to encourage the use of Classic, Veteran and Post Veteran (first generation 7.62mm) Service and sporting rifles under competitive conditions but mainly to have an enjoyable mornings shooting alongside other like minded individuals.

If you have not previously attended this meeting come and have a go, we are always ready to assist and encourage new comers.

If you own a suitable rifle come and have a go, you never know you may well show us all how it should be done.

There are classes for just about every type of Historic Rifle.

This year’s event will be limited to 14 individual entrants and 3 match cards each at a cost of £20.

This follows the discussions from last year and allows for the maximum use of the range whilst keeping costs to an affordable level.

Entry and payment must be made on-line prior to the event here>>>>

First come first served!!

Contact: rifle.practice@hbsa-uk.org

Please refer to the HBSA website for the most up to date information regarding range bookings etc.