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Historic Service Rifle competition 4th October

posted 23 Jun 2014, 03:48 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 23 Jun 2014, 03:49 ]
The HBSA have been working with the NRA to encourage the continued use of historic rifles in competitions, where modern 'black rifles' have of late tended to overwhelm the use of traditional arms. To that end, the NRA are staging a Civilian Service Rifle match in October exclusively for Historic Service Rifles.  We would encourage all of our members to support this venture, and demonstrate that there is still a substantial body of interest in this traditional style of competition. We do know that our colleagues in LERA are also supporting this event very strongly. The application form is attached - enter now.

Message from Peter Cottrell, NRA Head of Shooting and Competitions
The NRA have now finalised details of the Historic Service Rifle Match and attach the entry form, which includes conditions of the event and definitions of Service Rifles.

This follows input from HBSA and others, plus results from the successful trial of the CoF with Steve East, Bruce Ellis and Mark Hodgins.

The NRA have included two categories: British SR and Foreign SR, both with SR (a), (b) and (open). It is hoped that the vast majority of entries will be British SR (a), but have to make allowances. As a trial event it can always be amended next time if there is demand and it is deemed to be a success.

Information about this match is on the NRA website and calendar. My team is now focussed on the Imperial but if you can promote this match to your members in due course I would be most grateful.

Thanks and regards
Peter Cottrell
Head of Shooting and Competitions
National Rifle Association