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Home Office firearms safety consultation

posted 15 Jan 2021, 08:13 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 15 Jan 2021, 08:13 ]
Dear members

As I have reported to members we will be responding to the above as an Association. We have been liaising with BSSC, BASC, NRSA and FCSA to arrive at co-ordinated answers.

BASC have put a guide to answers on their website which can be seen here. These answers have been agreed across the associations and we suggest are followed by HBSA members.


However in the text boxes we will be expanding the comments in our answer (in liaison with NSRA in this case) to cover specific elements such as ammunition purchase and handling for miniature rifle clubs in order to facilitate bulk purchase and use in the club such as is currently used by clubs. It is likely that the owner/operator will need to apply for a personal FAC which will cover background checks etc. although it may not have firearms on it. They may be on the Club FAC.

Regarding ammunition components we believe that an FAC holder should not be affected as they can legitimately hold all the components which is of course recognised. The pivotal words are “unauthorised” and “all the components” An FAC holder can acquire primers and powder which are controlled. A non FAC holder might acquire for example cases and bullets which happen to be available with a view to applying for a FAC in the near future but could not legally hold all four components.

If you have doubts or questions please do not hesitate to get in touch chairman@hbsa-uk.org

Derek Stimpson