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Joining the HBSA Forum

posted 5 Aug 2015, 02:15 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 5 Aug 2015, 02:15 ]
Our online discussion Forum is open to all Full Members of the association, and provides its participants with access to the knowledge, expertise and opinions of others. Discussions are well informed and helpful, occasionally lively, but invariable good natured as one would anticipate.

Messages to and from the Forum are by simple emails, so no great e-expertise is required of participants.

HOWEVER - for reasons over which we have no control, the initial process of joining our Forum does seem to cause some Members a problem. Newly elected Full Members receive an invitation to join, with quite detailed instructions on how to deal with that process, and generally this works well.

Of more concern are applications to join the Forum from established HBSA Members who apply to join without recourse to our instructions. Not infrequently those applications cannot be processed - worse, there is often insufficient information to enable us to identify who needs our help. Those applications just lapse unprocessed, to the frustration of all concerned.

If you are applying to join our Forum, the golden rule is:
Your Forum ID must include your real forename and surname, plus sufficient additional characters to render that ID unique.