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Krag-Jorgensen Safety Update - NRA report

posted 8 May 2015, 04:37 by Tony Cattermole
The NRA recently completed, on behalf of MoD, an investigation into an accident involving a Krag-Jorgensen rifle. The technical investigation revealed matters that the NRA believes should be brought to the attention of all owners of Krag-Jorgensen rifles. In particular, there is published information that a substantial number of K-R rifles were rebarreled shortly after World War II, and that the standard of work may have been unsatisfactory in some cases.

Aspects of the technical investigation into the rifle involved in the accident tend to confirm that information. Please see the attached redacted version of the accident report including the full detail of the findings regarding the rifle itself.

The NRA requires all members owning Krag-Jorgenson rifles fitted with replacement barrels (other than those replacements carried out under the current owner?s instructions and bearing proof marks issued under CIP regulations or by one of the UK proof houses) to have the rifle checked by a competent gunsmith before it is used under the auspices of the NRA.  Link to technical report >>>>