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Liege Arms Museum news

posted 29 Jul 2018, 11:22 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 29 Jul 2018, 11:23 ]
A note received via FESAC which I am pleased to report to our members. Should anyone wish to apply to be at the 20th September event please let me know as soon as possible and I will pass that on. Invitations will be limited.

Derek Stimpson

Dear Arms collector Colleagues and friends,

As a board member of our Local collectors organization “AMAL” “friends of the Liege ARMS MUSEUM” ( one of the oldest museums of our region dd 1885 ) ,

I have the honor to let you know that on the 20th of September 2018 a new part of the permanent arms collection will be on display, ( behind the scenes there has been years of work to achieve this by prominent peoples in our organization, Claude Gaier the previous director and arms curator of the arms museum has been the driving force behind this event , together with AMAL president Jean-Pierre Leroi and Adrien Marnat ( the actual curator))

The permanent display until now (after the renovation 2001-2009) was downsized in regards to the long past of the worldwide famous museum , Only 900 arms were on display from 2009 till now, but in the reserves there are +/- 20000 arms and related artifacts.

The new exhibition will be housed on one floor of the “Jean De Corte / Johannes Curtius house ” ( he was a very influential arms and gun powder trader of that era 1551-1628 )  There will be a new group of carefully chosen beautiful arms on display, this is only the first part of the new permanent collection, the goal is to have 3000 arms in permanent display on 3 floors but this again will take time !!!

I have the possibility to invite FESAC board members and other prominent members from the collectors and firearms fraternity national and international for the opening inauguration which is held on the 20th of September,

I need to file the contact towards the Museum direction for final approval and acceptance.
Please let me know who of you would like to have this opportunity to join us for this nice event.
Please forward to me as soon as possible your name and functions and contact details and full postal address as the official invitations will be send out by the Museum Direction and the City of Liege.


Met Vriendelijke groeten , Kind Regards
Yves F. Quireyns

Avenue Albert 1st - nr 11
4053 Embourg Chaudfontaine