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London Lecture - Monday 16th April 2018

posted 17 Nov 2017, 17:23 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 17 Nov 2017, 17:24 ]
Major (retd) Ian Jones  MBE - "40 Years Bomb Disposal - Still 10 fingers".

The speaker has spent 40 years involved with bomb disposal operations.   His first Explosives Ordnance Disposal (EOD)  tour of duty was as a corporal in Northern Ireland in 1974. He then gained a commission, returned to the Province in 1982 and, as a captain, was responsible for all bomb disposal operations in Belfast.   In 1992, as a major, he was Officer Commanding 321 Company RAOC, responsible for all bomb disposal operations in the whole Province.  This was followed by a year in an intelligence post gathering information on Improvised Explosive Devices worldwide.  He left the Army in 1994 and joined the Counter Terrorist Command of the  Metropolitan Police where,  he served as an Explosives Officer dealing with all incidents involving explosives in London.  He answered over 2000 calls for assistance in the following 18 years before retiring after the Olympics. 

He has written two books, Malice Aforethought - The History of the Booby Trap and London - Bombed Blitzed and Blown Up, a history of the bombing of the capital from 1867 to 2007.   He was until recently a member of the Durand Group that open and explore WW1 tunnels and is a keen Cartridge collector.