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McQueen 2017 Match Report

posted 3 May 2017, 10:43 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 4 May 2017, 00:49 ]
Many thanks to all who took part in the 2017 McQueen. I hope you all had a pleasant shoot and the “novice” management team did not spoil your fun.

Results here >>>>

We had good weather and low winds.

Julian Mackie ran the shooting end, I was in the butts with the very young and inexperienced NRA markers. We had help from various members to aid smooth running.

Julian managed to get through the schedule with the one proviso that his own shoot was cut short by the hooter.

We had 10 shooters this year compared to 14 last year when Paul Smith managed to get through the lot in time.

The markers worked hard and came up to speed as the shoot progressed.

For the 2018 McQueen I would like to try a couple of changes; the first would be to have 2 RCO and 2 scorers. It is a long morning doing the same thing all the time, it would be good to split the shift and let the scorer and RCO shoot.

The second (as suggested by Tony Cattermole) would be to remove the sighting shots from the squadding times. This would free up more time for the RCO to concentrate on the scoring shots and running the competition

The sighting target was free a lot of the time and could have been more fully and flexibly utilised. It would fall to the competitors to make sure they were sighted ready to shoot at their allotted times.

David Carroll