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Members may be interested to note the following from Jim Hallam

posted 5 Jul 2015, 15:55 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 5 Jul 2015, 15:56 ]

REMINDERS FOR THE NEXT FEW MONTHS.  (Please publicise this as widely as possible – thanks)

The NRA “Imperial Meeting” is in full swing already with the Services Meeting.  The next couple of months provide a number of opportunities for shooters and collectors… … …

Sat 4th & Sun 5th July -- N.R.A. “IMPERIAL HISTORIC ARMS MEETING”,  which the N.R.A. describes as

“a refined meeting and will include the most popular 100 yd and 200 yd events (including Rapid and Snaps, and prone and standing on the Round Bull and Sand & Sky targets) on Short Siberia, and Classic Sporting Rifle at BSRC - Running Deer at 100m and Running Boar at 50m.”    (Details available from the NRA website) ---

this weekend also features the

H.B.S.A. ARMS FAIR --- Free Entry ---  venue “Flagpole Green” in the centre of Bisley Camp --  and the

H.B.S.A. EXHIBITION OF CLASSIC & HISTORIC RIFLES & PISTOLS (including some s.7 “Heritage Pistols”) -- Free Entry --- venue in the Marquee on Short Siberia Range, Bisley, during the

Please note that there will NOT be any 25/50m Matches for Gallery Rifle or M-L Pistol at “IHAM” this year…..   BUT

Wed 8th – Sun 12th  July-- N.R.A. IMPERIAL MEETING GALLERY RIFLE & PISTOL EVENTS   --- a wide range of Traditional Matches and Aggregates for both individuals and teams, and also opportunity for “Unlimited Entry” (re-entry) Medal Matches. (Details available from the NRA website)

Sat. 11th July  p.m. is the next one of the Surrey Branch MLAGB “training sessions” for their “Open Meeting for Repeating Pistols” – an opportunity for trying out the courses of fire and getting used to the range procedures at minimal cost. SEE the Surrey Branch MLAGB website or send an e-mail to <jim@jimhallam(dot)me(dot)uk  for further information.

Sat 11th & Sun 12th July-- M.L.A.G.B. “PEDERSOLI CHALLENGE” – Wedgnock Range.  A pity that it clashes with the NRA “Middle weekend” as it reduces the entry for the MLP Matches at Bisley --  putting them at risk of being lost, as with the IHAM MLP & GR.  Details from MLAGB website.

Sat 8th August , p.m.-- Surrey Branch MLAGB “training session” for the “Open Meeting for Repeating Pistols”

SEE the Surrey Branch MLAGB website <www.mlagb-surrey.org.uk/Repeating_Pistol.htmlor send an e-mail to <jim@jimhallam(dot)me(dot)uk > for further information.

Sat 15th & Sun 16th August -- H.B.S.A. “MINIATURE RIFLE” MEETING --Winans Range, Bisley:

This Open Meeting replaces the NSRA's SMRC Meeting for Historic Arms Match run previously during the NSRA Annual Meetings on Century.  Prone/Standing/"Standing Supported"; Timelined periods; Target/Military Trainer/Sporting rifles: Iron and optical sights; .22RF, CF pistol calibres, Rook Rifles, .310 Cadet etc.   Details from the HBSA website. (Very cheap Entry Fees!)

Sat 15th to Sat 22nd AugustNSRA National Championships, Bisley  (Hint…  if you are a member of the South London Rifle Club there is plenty of accommodation available at a very modest price)

Sat 22nd August , a.m. & p.m. – 2 Surrey Branch MLAGB “training session” for the “Open Meeting for Repeating Pistols” SEE the Surrey Branch MLAGB website or send an e-mail to <jim@jimhallam(dot)me(dot)uk  for further information.

Sat 29th & Sun 30th AugustN.R.A. Gallery Rifle & Pistol National Championships, Bisley -- all the usual GR&P favourites, along with Speed Steels, Bianchi, Target Shotgun, 200 yd and McQueen matches.

PLEASE NOTE that the “Pistol” events are for LONG-BARRELLED PISTOLS -- -there are NO muzzle-loading matches – but to compensate for that…

Sat 12th & Sun 13th September – Open Meeting for “Repeating Pistols” run by Surrey Branch, MLAGB.    Matches for “Standard” “Target” and “Free” Percussion Revolvers and also “Modern Muzzle-Loader” --- one- and two-handed; courses for Deliberate / Slow / Timed and Rapidfire; “Bobber” (duelling), “Surrenden” (against the clock); Ambidextrous.  Single Matches with multiple entries for different revolvers/pistols and Aggregates for different types of revolvers (e.g., Service Revolver).  Reduced Entry Fees for MLAGB and NRA MembersDetails from www.mlagb-surrey.org.uk/Repeating_Pistol.html or send an e-mail to <jim@jimhallam(dot)me(dot)uk


PLEASE NOTE that for some Meetings you need to have a Shooter Certification Card (available from the Chairman of an NRA-affiliated Club/Association) or to be supervised 1-to-1 by a person so certificated.  The Chairman or his accredited representative will need to have observed your safe shooting practices as the Club/Organisation must formally record this.

DON’T LET THIS PUT YOU OFF --- just get your SCC !