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Mid-range practice 15th November

posted 17 Nov 2014, 16:18 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 17 Nov 2014, 16:19 ]
A misty morning waited the 6 members who had braved the poor weather to attend what looked to be a promising morning at 600 yards on Century range.

The fog was lifting in stages and by 0930 we could hear firing on Short Siberia followed soon after by firing at 200 yards on our extreme right on Century. It wont be long or so we hoped and the NRA were buzzing about in their little ATVs giving us regular updates.

Our 2 markers were primed and ready when at 1030 am the NRA asked if we would accept 200 yards on Short Siberia in consolation as the fog had thickened causing even 200 yards on Century to be curtailed. We upped sticks and within 30 minutes we had rounds down the range and by noon it was clear enough to shoot with iron sights. 1230 and the lunch klaxon sounded taking with it all of the mist and fog. Murphy strikes again but those three shooters who persevered had some impressive shooting under their belts as a result of a short but enjoyable morning.

So ended the last mid range shoot of the year, I hope to see many more at the Wappenshaw.

Kind Regards
Tim Castle