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New 'Repeating Pistol' competition - 12&13 September

posted 23 Feb 2015, 04:09 by Tony Cattermole
The Surrey branch MLAGB will be holding an open REPEATING PISTOL competition on 12th & 13th September at NRA BISLEY
The competition is for FOUR types of firearms – PERCUSSION (3 CLASSES) and “MODERN MUZZLE-LOADER(MML)”
There will be 7 courses of fire based on the “old” CLASSIC courses
The Entry Form is attached
Further details can be downloaded from the Surrey Branch website (www.mlagb-surrey.org.uk); most people will only need to look at the “covering letter” and the “flier”
Queries and advice available from      jim at jimhallam dot me dot uk


The Meeting is intended for the majority of Club level shooters, using “basic” 19thC design revolvers.
There is NO MLAIC 10ex13 Precision course.
Some matches allow 2-handed hold.
“MML” is specifically for (a) smokeless powder conversions and (b) the Patriot magazine pistol.

“Training Day”

There will be a TRAINING/PRACTICE day  on May 3rd; this gives an opportunity to try the “new” Courses of Fire (or for old hands to resurrect their skills) and to understand the range procedures.
Booking will be for ½ day sessions with a reduced price of £10 for MLAGB and/or NRA members; booking can be done as part of the main meeting Entry Form or by e-mail to  jim at jimhallam dot me dot uk