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New Statutory Instruments

posted 9 Nov 2019, 07:47 by Tony Cattermole
Members may wish to note the Statutory Instruments issued on 31st October which relate to Deactivated Firearms (1420) and Security of firearms with young persons and marking (1419). Northern Ireland is also mentioned. See links below. 

For clarity we can comment that these are requirements of the EU Firearms Directive and apply to UK as they came into force whilst we are part of the EU (pre Brexit). The Home Office had to enact these to avoid a substantial infringement fine. The EU Directive regards a “deactivated firearm” as a Category C Firearm, so it is still a firearm although subject to notification rather than licensing. 

However careful reading of 1420 is necessary as to the provisions, dates etc. and we await more definition from Government should they provide this in due course. 

In 1419  in relation to marking and register keeping note the reference to historic arms in two places:-

5 (a) "in the case of firearms (other than air weapons) manufactured before 14th September 2018 and firearms of historical importance”

5 (aa) "in the case of firearms (other than air weapons and firearms of historical importance) manufactured in the United Kingdom or anywhere in the European Union or imported from outside the European Union on or after 14th September 2018" 

The SI's come into force on 12th December although 1420 should be read carefully in relation to provisions, dates, etc. The Government has not published the notification address - we will see if and when they do so. 

The Deactivated Weapons Association comment in the Registry : "It is very much lip service to the requirements of the EU Directive and how far the UK will take things in terms of a back-end system to 'manage' the notification data remains to be seen.” came after consultation with us and BSSC.

Derek Stimpson