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"Notes round the Gun trade" - a 3 volume set of books

posted 16 Aug 2014, 15:09 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 16 Aug 2014, 15:09 ]
The books are a series of handwritten notes of discussions with a large number of birmingham gunmakers from the well known such as Greeners to the unknowns who were the real backbone of the trade.

Bernard Hinchley compiled these notes over a period from 1930 to 1960 and the demise of the trade. He was in the unique position of being a Birmingham teacher who worked in the trade part time, although a outsider, by virtue of working with them he was accepted by the normally close mouthed old men who opened out to him with information no outsider would be party to.

Due to the age of most of these men, who served their apprenticeships prior to 1900, we get a unique insight into the peak of gunmaking techniques , history and characters that to date was not available until these books were discovered.

The price for individual volumes is £17-50 inc post and for set of 3 is £40 inc post. Books are printed to order on receipt of cheque, and forwarded immediately when printed, approx time is a week but this can vary by a few days.

My tel no is 01761 420296 if you wish for any further info or clarification
regards Colin Currie  (colin.currie1@virgin.net)