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Offensive Weapons Bill

posted 12 Jul 2018, 01:38 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 12 Jul 2018, 01:39 ]
There is a Petition recently highlighted and circulating, which seeks to challenge all the firearms items - paragraphs 28 - 35, in this Bill.

Please note the following:-

A number of organisations have received this petition with requests to support it.

Great care must be exercised here. Paragraphs 28 - 35 include banning “Bump Stocks”. BSSC's stated policy is not to oppose the element of the Bill banning bump stocks.

Bump stocks appear to work with .22RF SL rifles (see YouTube) and the last thing we want is bump stocks arriving here with a result that may be easily guessed for .22RF SL Rifles.

In fact importation of Bump Stocks to UK is already banned.

There have been other narrow petitions - one on knives only, by a knife retailer. Our intention has been to fight all the relevant parts of the whole Bill, including knives and corrosive liquids since they are both in common use in many respects, including firearm related activities and collections.

As a matter of interest there are 2,400 signatures on the above petition at present. A problem with these well intentioned petition starters is that they don’t stop to consider that if it fails to gather sufficient support it doesn’t do us any good, but rather the reverse.

The efforts of BSSC and its members, including HBSA, regarding the Bill have been, and are continuing to be, robust.