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Offensive Weapons Bill amendment - urgent

posted 9 Oct 2018, 15:14 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 9 Oct 2018, 15:14 ]
Urgent notice to members

The following message is the suggested text that you email to your MP in the next two days. The Bill will be at Report stage on Monday the 15th October and we need to have as much support for this amendment as possible from MPs.

Do not forget to sign off with your full name and postal address to validate the communication.

Thank you

Derek Stimpson


Offensive Weapons Bill amendment - Urgent

Despite previous assurances the Government has now changed their mind and are proposing to proceed with a ban on rifles with a muzzle energy of more than 10,000 ft lbs (13,600J).  This will effectively ban .50 calibre target rifles.
The shooting organisations have suggested that more stringent storage requirements for these rifles would be a better option than banning them.  This is especially true given that no legally held .50 calibre rifle has ever been used in crime in the UK.  In addition we are unaware of anyone being charged with illegally importing such rifles into the UK.  Because of their size and weight .50 calibre rifles are entirely not suited for criminal use.
The Home Office have not been able to produce any real evidence to support a ban.

I am writing to ask you to support this amendment, text attached. The Bill as it stands is a wholly unreasonable and unfounded attack on target shooting.

If your MP is conservative you might add:-
I may add that this proposed ban is causing immense upset in the shooting constituency which is overwhelmingly supportive of the Conservative Party and will do great damage. 

yours sincerely 

Name and address

Tony Cattermole,
9 Oct 2018, 15:14