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Open meeting for muzzle-loading Repeating Pistols 26-27 September 2020

posted 24 Jul 2020, 06:42 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 24 Jul 2020, 06:46 ]
I am pleased to be able to give you advance notice that the SURREY BRANCH of the MLAGB will be running their “Repeating pistol Meeting” at Bisley on September 26th & 27th. That means that your Members can get back into the swing of things, so please do advise them of the news.

This well-established Open Meeting is for all types of M-L “repeating pistols” --- 19th Century designs, 20th Century Repros and “enhanced versions” and the 21st Century “Modern Muzzle-loaders” (using smokeless powder).

Each Course of fire allows sighters and then 3 series of 5 shots to score --- SLOWFIRE (3 mins per series), TIMEDFIRE (1 minute per series) and RAPIDFIRE (30 seconds per series), plus “BOBBER” on turning targets (5 secs faced / 10 seconds edged) and “SURRENDEN” – shooting against the clock.

We allow OFFHAND (one hand only) and SUPPORTED (2 hands may be used) and the AWARDS are scaled according to the number of entries, with “Illuminated Place Certificates” and traditional “Skilled Shot Certificates” – in the past people who consider themselves “only Club Shooters” have been pleased to receive recognition.

We have all been hit badly by the lockdown and many Club activities have been cancelled, so you might even consider designating some concurrent courses of the “Surrey Branch RPM” as your 2020 Revolver Championships.

Information about the RPM is available from our Match Director (Rob Brassington) on < surreybranch.rpm @ gmail.com > (remove the spaces) As it is likely that we will not be able to use all of the 20 targets on “Cheylesmore B” we will give preference to shooters who book ½-day sessions (at the reduced rate).

Good shooting

Jim Hallam