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Petition against a ban on lead shot and bullets

posted 22 Nov 2015, 11:59 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 22 Nov 2015, 11:59 ]
We suggest that members support the petition against a ban on lead shot/bullets - see link below. The petition is not especially well worded but the essence of what is needed is there.

The NRA made the following comment on their website in asking NRA members to support it. This sums up the situation rather better than the actual petition:

"We would urge all members to register their support for this petition - there is a real risk that lead ammunition could be banned as a result of an ill-considered report now largely condemned by its own panel of experts. A ban would mean the loss of the shooting of many rifles including muzzle loaders, vintage and early breech loaders, and non-standard calibres.

Just as serious would be the impact of mono metallic bullets as their variable ricochet characteristics would result in greater restrictions (and probable closure) on many ranges.

Andrew Mercer
Group Chief Executive & Secretary General"

The petition is already at 13,500 so has passed the first hurdle of the 10,000 signature mark.

The site link is:-


Thanks and Regards

Derek Stimpson