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posted 21 Jan 2021, 06:37 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 21 Jan 2021, 06:38 ]
Members are aware of this pending issue. I will send a short version for members guidance as soon as time permits, but in ample time for members to respond on line.

Meanwhile members may be interested to see the latest detailed BASC response to the Government Consultation released and submitted yesterday and which can be found here:- 


This is now much amplified and includes a great deal more detail. It is thus a response that was submitted by email rather than “on-line”.

As a model it is useful although it contains much more than an individual might submit in his own words on-line.

HBSA as an Association will submit an email response covering similar ground (as will BSSC). In addition to BSSC we are also in liaison with FCSA and NSRA as particular stakeholders. However as mentioned earlier I will post a shorter guide reference version soon to assist with individual responses.

It is vital that we protect use of air guns by young people being the main entry for most into shooting.

You will see that Q14 and Q15 have been answered conditionally. Whether any new offence is needed remains to be seen but at very least the two conditions should apply.


Derek Stimpson