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Re: Law Commission - Firearms Law, A Scoping Consultation Paper

posted 24 Jul 2015, 07:18 by Tony Cattermole   [ updated 24 Jul 2015, 07:18 ]
Now that the document is released I can update members.

As members are aware HBSA is now a member of BSSC and we have worked closely with them on this.

HBSA's own submission was made and was also in support of BSSC's. The coverage included wide input and was very complete. HBSA also had a specific meeting with the Law Commission in addition to the BSSC meeting with them which we attended.

We submitted, and discussed at some length with the Commission, an expanded version of the "Obsolete Calibre List" and an alternative "Modern Cartridge List".

The Law Commission are impartial and independent and have clearly demonstrated that. What we need is a clear and co-ordinated response rather than to flood them with replies.

We will be co-ordinating our HBSA response to the Scoping Paper now issued with other organisations and of course BSSC, seeking to meet the week before the 21st September to produce the final versions.

If individual members have points to raise (which may already be covered in our response) may I ask that you write to me at " chairman@hbsa-uk.org " (rather than directly to the Commission) so that we may produce the most complete and co-ordinated response possible. Rest assured that a lot of energy has gone into the work completed to date, not only by us but by many other organisations.

For your information initiatives continue with the Home Office on some pending matters and on further updates to the "Guide".

It is not practical (and may not be possible) to report on matters actually in hand, but David Penn's "Legislative Updates" keep members informed.

Your Association is working for you, and incidentally for all collectors, researchers and shooters!


Derek Stimpson